when I decided to open this site 6 years ago, it was to share what we love : Radiohead.

the first gig was the Salamanca show in 2002, Chester (the taper) gave the opportunity to share the show as mp3s…. and so on …. never had a SINGLE problem or a complain ….

I’ve been trading lossless and DVD radiohead shows for years until 3 years (got really a HUGE dvd list but couldnot see 1/2 of them … ) it was nice time …. meanwhile I was uploading mp3 of radiohead shows….

6 years later …..

I’ve decided to close this site (temporary ?) due to taper wishes not to convert show to mp3 but for personal use (ie after downloading the show to FLAC)

people with poor internet quality , with bandwith restrictions , people not in the know-how, people who just want to listen to a radiohead show,sorry for you …. you JUST have to educate yourself and deal with FLAC…. and convert to lossy sound ….

or you could ask for B&P ?

my deepest respect for tapers and sorry for the inconvenience, I REALLY don’t mean that ….

see you on next wednesday at London show

much love