Phillips Arena-Atlanta, Georgia
April 01, 2017


CD 1
01) Daydreaming
02) Desert Island Disk
03) Ful Stop
04) Airbag
05) My Iron Lung
06) Separator
07) All I Need
08) Pyramid Song
09) Street Spirit (Fade Out)
10) Bloom
11) I Might Be Wrong
12) Myxomatosis
13) Idioteque
14) The Gloaming

CD 2
01) Subterranean Homesick Alien
02) The Numbers
03) House of Cards (Tour Debut; First time live since 2012)
04) No Surprises
05) Burn the Witch
06) Paranoid Android
07) Present Tense
08) Everything in Its Right Place
Encore 2:
09) You and Whose Army?
10) Bodysnatchers
Encore 3:
11) Karma Police

Thom Yorke – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, piano
Colin Greenwood – bass guitar
Jonny Greenwood – guitar, keyboards, ondes Martenot, analogue synthesizers
Ed O’Brien – guitar, backing vocals, samples, percussion
Philip Selway – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Clive Deamer – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Lineage: Church audio CA-14’s [clipped to glasses]> Roland R-05 w/ 100 Hz low cut filter,>SDHC [10 class] recorded at 24 bit-48k > Cubase-created two sections for CD, remove mud between 80-320 Hz, sweetened upper mids>Sound Forge [remove inaudible frequencies below 20 Hz, applied soft limiter, repaired clipped track [Idioteque], fine-tune EQ applied to balance frequencies, raised overall level, normalized peak to 0db-converted to 16-44.1-Track splits in Audacity, converted wav to FLAC level 8 and created checksum in Trader’s Little Helper.

Recorded from the lower balcony, dead center, behind the floor area, about mid-way up from the floor. The location created a very bass heavy recording which required a significant cut in the lower frequencies to remove a build-up of ‘mud’. The upper mids around 5k were boosted slightly and another slight boost at 12k for ‘air’ was applied. These adjustments were necessary to balance the frequencies for your listening enjoyment. Hopefully a good recording from the floor or closer to the stage monitors will turn up. Until then, enjoy this recording of a fun show featuring a great set-list. Crank it up on your system!

I’ve included photos and two short video clips taken from my phone, plus a photo of the stage set list I found through a search.

Never sell this recording but please trade freely. Never upload these tracks in a lossy format like MP3, keep it Lossless. Support the band by attending their shows and buying their official merchandize.




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13 Replies to “Radiohead – 2017-04-01, Atlanta, Georgia USA – 16 bit aud master FLAC”

  1. Listened/watched to this show on Periscope in the middle of the night and wished so much I could have been there. Thanks so much for all the trouble you went into sharing this with fellow fans so we can relive this great music moment again and again.

  2. Was at this show, Section 303….was an amazing night and so glad to find this recording! Thank you!

  3. Link 0 is down. I tried a couple from link 1 and when i go to extract it says “No archives found” and “The archive is either in unknown format or damaged”

  4. shows are down, 0 says file deleted and 1 downloads a tiny damaged file . Please be so kind as to repost. Thanks.

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