1. Are bootlegs legal ?

Radiohead are taper friendly ….

2. What is  FLAC format ?

FLAC is a lossless sound format. If you do convert these please respect the original tapers wishes and keep the mp3 version for your personal use. If trading, please trade copies of the FLAC version to avoid dilution.

3. Some people are selling bootlegs :please do not buy any of them, a trader never ask you money .

4. Tar.gz extension file , use 7 Zip :  http://www.7-zip.org/, an open source program to extract the files. Sometimes, we use a linux server , it’s more convenient for us to compress this way

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  1. Thanks for sharing all this great music. I’m not as knowledgeable as I should be about FLAC. Is there some free software I can download that will convert FLAC into mp3? Thanks again.

  2. There seems to be two formats of security codes? The second asks for a code and there is none to be found on the page? Trying to download the UIC show

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