June 8, 2012
Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
Manchester, TN


source: Schoeps mk4v (DINa/FOB) > kcy > Sonosax SX-M2-LS2 > Sony M10 (24/48)
transfer: Micro SD > Sound Studio > xACT > .flac (16/44)

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 Bloom
d1t03 15 Step
d1t04 Kid A
d1t05 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
d1t06 Staircase
d1t07 The Daily Mail
d1t08 I Might Be Wrong
d1t09 The Gloaming
d1t10 Separator
d1t11 Nude
d1t12 Morning Mr. Magpie
d1t13 Identikit
d1t14 Lotus Flower
d1t15 There There
d2t01 Karma Police
d2t02 Feral
d2t03 Idioteque
d2t04 You And Whose Army?
d2t05 House Of Cards
d2t06 Supercollider
d2t07 Bodysnatchers
d2t08 True Love Waits -> Everything In Its Right Place
2nd Encore:
d2t09 Give Up The Ghost
d2t10 Reckoner
d2t11 Paranoid Android

run time: 2 hr 19 min.



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