The Park Stage
24th June 2011

Source  :  CHURCH-AUDIO CA-11C -> Battery Box ->Edirol  R-09HR

Rumours were that Radiohead were going to be the secret guests on the Park stage for Friday.  Seemed unlikely as Thom and Johnny had performed a secret gig there last year.  However it turned out to be true.  The venue was packed; people were sitting up on the hill behind the Park where frankly they wouldn’t have heard much let alone seen anything as the Park has no big screens. The area had to shut off eventually to avoid a crush.   Full band were present including Clive Deamer as an extra drummer.  First outing post the new album I believe.

01 “Lotus Flower”
02 “15 Step”
03 “Morning Mr. Magpie”
04 “Little By Little”
05 “All I Need”
06 “Separator”
07 “Give Up The Ghost”
08 “Arpeggi”
09 “Staircase”
10 “I Might Be Wrong”
11 “Bloom”
12 “Reckoner”
13 “The Daily Mail”


14 “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”