Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead)
Arena Sferisterio,
Macerata, Italy

Recorded from first row.

Lineage : Olympus LS 12 Recorder -> Normalize with Audacity -> XLD Flac compression.

Track list :

02-day dreaming
04-Faust Arp
05-The Numbers
08-Exit Music
09-I Might Be Wrong
10-Follow Me Around
11-Wolf at the Door
12-How to Disappear Completely
13-The Present Tense
14-Give up the Ghost
15-Cymbal Rush
16-Spinning Plates
17-All I need
19-Street Spirit
20-Pyramid song
21-Everything in its Right Place
22-No Surprises
23-Karma Police

Do not convert to lossy format, thanx !!

Enjoy 😉


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Santa Barbara Bowl
Santa Barbara CA US

taper: Edgar
location: DFC – Back wall of GA pit area

Source: AT831>batt box roll off @ 95>R05 @ 16/44.1
Noise removal, editing, tracking: inez (Izotope Rx and Audacity)


01 intro
02 Daydreaming
03 Desert Island Disk
04 Ful Stop
05 Climbing Up the Walls
06 15 Step
07 The National Anthem (thom: ‘good evening ladies and gentlemen… the name of this band is Radiohead’)
08 All I Need
09 Like Spinning Plates (thom: ‘could i have the next piano please?’)
10 Subterranean Homesick Alien
11 Bloom
12 Identikit
13 Everything in Its Right Place with extended outro
14 The Gloaming
15 Myxomatosis
16 Morning Mr. Magpie
17 The Numbers
18 How to Disappear Completely

19 Encore break 1
20 Give Up the Ghost
21 Nude (thom: ‘there’re small coyotes in the audience tonight’)
22 Lotus Flower
23 Planet Telex
24 Present Tense

25 Encore break 2
26 You and Whose Army?
27 Let Down
28 Bodysnatchers

total time: 2 h 14 min 03 sec

seeded to dime: April 23rd, 2017

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APRIL 18 2017


Neumann KM140s > Sound Devices MP-2 > Edirol R09 (24/48) > CD Wave > FLAC 16/44


01. Daydreaming
02. Desert Island Disk
03. Ful Stop
04. 15 Step
05. Airbag
06. Climbing The Walls
07. Separator
08. Videotape
09. Pyramid Song
10. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
11. Where I End and You Begin
12. Identikit
13. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
14. The National Anthem
15. The Numbers
16. There There
17. How To Disappear Completely
– – –
18. Give Up The Ghost
19. Feral
20. Paranoid Android
21. Present Tense
22. House of Cards
– – –
23. Bloom
24. Nude
25. Karma Police




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Greek Theater
Berkeley, CA
April 17, 2017


Recorded by Daspyknows

Recorded from dead center, 4th step
Schoeps MK4/NBox Platinum Tascam DR-2D 24 Bit 48K

Processed using Soundforge 11, resample, to 16bit 44.1K
TLH to convert to Flac

Master 2017.10

01. Daydreaming
02. Desert Island Disk
03. Ful Stop
04. 15 Step
05. Myxomatosis
06. Lucky
07. Magpie
08. Exit Music
09. All I Need
10. Everything In Its Right Place
11. Bloom
12. Identikit
13. Iron Lung
14. The Gloaming
15. I Might Be Wrong
16. The Numbers
17. Reckoner
18. Crowd
Encore 1:
19. No Surprises
20. Burn The Witch
21. Lotus Flower
22. Fake Plastic
23. The Tourist
24. Crowd
Encore 2:
25. You and Whose Army?
26. Bodysnatchers
27. Idioteque?

First night of Radiohead at the Greek Theater 2017-04-17. Tickets to this
run were hard to come by. Original plan was to have friends come into town
for these but it was not to be. I was looking but held off going the Stubhub
route. It was a rainy day and about 2PM I got an email from a friend of a
friend that a ticket was available. Shortly afterwards someone responded
on my Craigslist ad but I was good. Packed up gear and rain gear before
heading to Greek. Found parking and was able to work my way in towards the
front of the line. Never did get their email address to share the link.
My ticket arrived after re-parking my car and doors opened. No issue
getting in and found my spot. It was raining and I was concerned since
rain and recording gear aren’t a good combo. It pretty much stopped by
showtime which was good. I recorded the opener and was surrounded by a
good group of people. Only issue was one guy wanted to talk about the 49ers
since I had a 49er hat on. Obviously he was clueless I was taping.
Radiohead then came on and put on a really good show. Sound was spot on and
the light show/visuals were very entertaining. About 90 minutes into the set
sent a friend a text saying it looked like the rain held off. Must have been
a jinx as it started to drizzle a bit. Nothing major and got through the set
ok. Sound really good on this one. Enjoy.

Just the basic taper requests here and please no vitriol:
Don’t be an ass by selling this or using it in a video that is sold
Don’t modify the info file
Don’t remaster and/or post on other sites that are not 100% free
If shared keep info file intact but create a second file with any changes
Don’t convert to lossy formats except for personal use
Do support the artists


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Phillips Arena-Atlanta, Georgia
April 01, 2017


CD 1
01) Daydreaming
02) Desert Island Disk
03) Ful Stop
04) Airbag
05) My Iron Lung
06) Separator
07) All I Need
08) Pyramid Song
09) Street Spirit (Fade Out)
10) Bloom
11) I Might Be Wrong
12) Myxomatosis
13) Idioteque
14) The Gloaming

CD 2
01) Subterranean Homesick Alien
02) The Numbers
03) House of Cards (Tour Debut; First time live since 2012)
04) No Surprises
05) Burn the Witch
06) Paranoid Android
07) Present Tense
08) Everything in Its Right Place
Encore 2:
09) You and Whose Army?
10) Bodysnatchers
Encore 3:
11) Karma Police

Thom Yorke – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, piano
Colin Greenwood – bass guitar
Jonny Greenwood – guitar, keyboards, ondes Martenot, analogue synthesizers
Ed O’Brien – guitar, backing vocals, samples, percussion
Philip Selway – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Clive Deamer – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Lineage: Church audio CA-14’s [clipped to glasses]> Roland R-05 w/ 100 Hz low cut filter,>SDHC [10 class] recorded at 24 bit-48k > Cubase-created two sections for CD, remove mud between 80-320 Hz, sweetened upper mids>Sound Forge [remove inaudible frequencies below 20 Hz, applied soft limiter, repaired clipped track [Idioteque], fine-tune EQ applied to balance frequencies, raised overall level, normalized peak to 0db-converted to 16-44.1-Track splits in Audacity, converted wav to FLAC level 8 and created checksum in Trader’s Little Helper.

Recorded from the lower balcony, dead center, behind the floor area, about mid-way up from the floor. The location created a very bass heavy recording which required a significant cut in the lower frequencies to remove a build-up of ‘mud’. The upper mids around 5k were boosted slightly and another slight boost at 12k for ‘air’ was applied. These adjustments were necessary to balance the frequencies for your listening enjoyment. Hopefully a good recording from the floor or closer to the stage monitors will turn up. Until then, enjoy this recording of a fun show featuring a great set-list. Crank it up on your system!

I’ve included photos and two short video clips taken from my phone, plus a photo of the stage set list I found through a search.

Never sell this recording but please trade freely. Never upload these tracks in a lossy format like MP3, keep it Lossless. Support the band by attending their shows and buying their official merchandize.




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American Airlines Arena, Miami Fl


Tour Opener

Location – Section 106 Row 21

Linage Ca-14 Cards > Ugly box 2 > R-09 (48/24 > Nuendo 4 ( Normalize , Fades ) 44/16 > Cd Wave Splitter > Traders little Helper


Desert Island Disk
Ful Stop
Morning Bell
(Tour debut; First live performance since 2010)
Climbing Up the Walls
All I Need
Let Down
I Might Be Wrong
(Tour debut; First live performance since 2012)
Lotus Flower
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
(‘The National Anthem’ was… more )
The Numbers
How to Disappear Completely

No Surprises
Burn the Witch
Fake Plastic Trees
The Tourist
(Tour debut; First live performance since 2008)

Encore 2:
You and Whose Army?

Do Not Sell : Free To Trade

Recorded, Edited, and Uploaded by BlÖkus


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image source


28 May, 2016
Roundhouse, London
United Kingdom



Source: CA-11 (cards) > STC-9000 > Zoom H1

01. [Intro]
02. Burn the Witch
03. Daydreaming
04. Decks Dark
05. Desert Island Disk
06. Ful Stop
07. Lucky
08. Talk Show Host
09. Separator
10. Climbing Up the Walls
11. Like Spinning Plates
12. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief
13. Identikit
14. The Numbers
15. The Gloaming
16. Everything in Its Right Place
17. Idioteque
18. Bodysnatchers
19. [Encore Break]
20. Give Up the Ghost
21. Bloom
22. Present Tense
23. 2 + 2 = 5
24. There There
25. [Encore Break]
26. Nude
27. Paranoid Android





Artist: Radiohead
Date: 2016-06-03
Location: Primavera Sound Festival
Parc Del Fòrum

Recorded by: Antoine V.
Mastered by: BLG
Generation: Aud>DPA 4061>DPA MMA 6000>Roland R-05
Lineage: Aud
>DPA 4061
>DPA MMA 6000
>Roland R-05
>Adobe Audition
>iZotope Ozone 5
>Amadeus Pro 2.1.5
Setlist: t01: Burn The Witch
t02: Daydreaming
t03: Decks Dark
t04: Desert Island Disk
t05: Ful Stop
t06: The National Anthem
t07: Talk Show Host
t08: Lotus Flower
t09: No Surprises
t10: Pyramid Song
t11: The Numbers
t12: Karma Police
t13: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
t14: Everything In Its Right Place
t15: Idioteque
t16: Bodysnatchers
t17: Street Spirit (Fade Out)
t18: Bloom
t19: Paranoid Android
t20: Nude
t21: 2+2=5
t22: There There
t23: Creep







Les Nuits de Fourviere
Theatres Romains
June 1, 2016


Taper: bnz
Position: center, about half way up the amphitheatre
Magic TICKET: TheDaftRadioheadPunk
Source: at943 – SP-SPSB-11 (Bass Roll-off at 107 HZ) – Edirol R09 at 24bit 48Khz
Mastering: blg (Adobe Audition > iZotope Ozone 5 > MBIT+)
tracking: inez (audacity) > flac

Hi all! So to all those who say that Radiohead fans are a bunch of dysfunctional freaks, I’m gonna say: YOU ARE WRONG. We are EXTREMELY functional freaks 🙂 And this recording is clear evidence of just how functional we can be! Making this happen involved people in 4 times zones: European time, UK, US East Coast and West Coast, and everything had to happen on an extremely short notice. In fact, 4 hours before leaving his house at 4:30 AM to embark on an 800 KM drive each way (!!), bnz did not even know he was going! But hey, some serious ticket magic needed to happen first, and it all fell into its right place, thanks to everyone ‘on this team’!
Now, what a venue it was – and I have only seen pictures!! These ancient amphitheaters, I think they make the band feel special… play special shows… with CRAZY setlists 🙂 Like dropping Hunting Bears in after Bodysnatchers and closing with You And Whose Army. And we did get 3 tour premiers!! Optimistic has not been played in a loooong time and Subterranean Homesick Alien is always such a welcome time-warp. and Feral! 🙂 Amazing energy in this show and tape.


01. intro – Burn The Witch
02. Daydreaming
03. Decks Dark
04. Desert Island Disk
05. Ful Stop
06. Optimistic*
07. Talk Show Host
08. The Gloaming
09. No Surprises
10. Glass Eyes
11. Subterranean Homesick Alien*
12. Identikit
13. Lotus Flower
14. Feral*
15. Weird Fishes
16. Idioteque
17. Climbing Up The Walls
18. encore break 1
19. The Numbers
20. Exit Music
21. Myxomatosis
22. Present Tense
23. Paranoid Android
24. encore break 2
25. Bodysnatchers
26. Hunting Bears
27. You and Whose Army? – outro

* tour premieres

Total Time: 2 h 5 min 39 sec

seeded to dime June 2, 2016

**Please support the artists!! Buy their official releases and go see them live**
**Please do not share in lossy formats and never sell!!**


image source






May 23, 2016
Le Zénith
Paris, France

Source: DPA 4061’s > DPA MMA 6000 > Edirol R-05 @ 24/48

Recorded by Antoine V. (http://db.etree.org/avtaper)

Mastered by Rich Steele


01: Burn The Witch
02: Daydreaming
03: Decks Dark
04: Desert Island Disk
05: Ful Stop
06: Lotus Flower
07: The National Anthem
08: My Iron Lung
09: No Surprises
10: Bloom
11: Identikit
12: The Numbers
13: Separator
14: The Gloaming
15: Everything In Its Right Place
16: Idioteque
17: Bodysnatchers
18: True Love Waits
19: Present Tense
20: Paranoid Android
21: Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief
22: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
23: Creep
24: Pyramid Song


Notes from the uploader


No, this is not simply a downsample down to 16/44.1. That isn’t what mastering is. I make a living as a live sound/live recording engineer and have been working on live recordings for about 20 years. What I did with this recording is what every mastering engineer would do, by applying necessary phase correction, EQ and compression/limiting. Aside from some drastic EQ correction, I noticed the phasing seemed off, where it sounded like the taper was standing more towards the left side of the venue as it sounded heavier on the left side as though he was closer to the left side of the PA line array hang. So I tried to adjust that so the mix sounded more centered(easier to notice this through headphones). Then moved onto applying a parametric EQ(Waves H-EQ) to balance out the mix that was very bass heavy. Dumped out a fair amount in the 100-125hz range then moved onto the upper mids/highs, which changed from song to song. Then it hit my multiband compressor I like to use(Waves Linear Phase Multiband) and then my PSP Xenon at the end of my chain I like as my mastering limiter. All processing was done at 24bit in Wavelab. No noise reduction and the only level normalizing I did was after the fact with the extremely loud crowd reactions near the mics after the song was over to make it less overbearing when you’re listening to it.

And Ethan, I never, ever use anything automated. I tend to like using the same groups of plugins for mastering but how I use those plugins change with each source I work on. I’m personally really against programs like that Izotope one where it’s designed for people who have little to no idea what they’re doing and just want something to sound louder and punchier.

gjfatty, remastering is actually the wrong term for what this is. remastering is a term used for a recording that was already mastered and released(let’s assume we’re talking about an official studio release for this example) but then later the original mixes were brought back into a mastering studio to be mastered again, presumably with much better sounding equipment. Think back to Beatles albums, where they were all remastered. If a source is being mastered for the first time, throwing a “re” in front of it doesn’t really make sense as it refers to something being done more than once.

Hope this helps!

And if anyone is curious to hear some of my recordings, I’m the FOH engineer for Bill Kruetzmann of the Grateful Dead, who has a band called Billy and The Kids. We recently added all of my live recordings to our Soundcloud page, which can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/billyandthekids/sets
I recommend checking out the Peach Fest and Lockn’ recordings, which featured Bob Weir(and Mickey Hart during the last couple songs at Lockn’)


LINK (available one week after posting)