HUGE THANKS to emagdnim015 & lacnvinyl for taping and sharing this show

1) Intro
2) All I Need
3) There There
4) Lucky
5) 15 Step
6) Where I End and You Begin
7) Nude
8) Pyramid Song
9) Optimistic
10) Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
11) National Anthem
12) Idioteque
13) You and Whose Army?
14) Reckoner
15) Everything In Its Right Place
16) Bangers and Mash
17) Bodysnatchers
18) Videotape

-Encore 1-

19) The Gloaming
20) Talk Show Host
21) Just
22) Faust Arp
23) How to Disappear Completely

-Encore 2-

24) Paranoid Android
25) House of Cards

Note: The equipment used for this recording was a Sony Hi-MD minidisc recorder (MZ-RH910). Mic sensitivity set to low, gain set manually. The distortion is from the fact that the recording was done from 1st row in the pit. Taper was emagdnim015. Mixing, editing and mastering done by flacnvinyl. The distortion was minimized, as was the bass overload from being so close to the low end stacks. There is some phasing and such, but nothing to the point of being unlistenable. A very pleasant recording indeed! Also realize that there are some harsh edits (IMHO) due to loud yells by those near the taper. We did our best to preserve the integrity of all the songs, while minimizing the crowd interference. Meaning, your speakers will not explode from someone yelling really loud. Instead you’ll just hear a volume fluctuation. Hopefully you can look past the distractions and enjoy this show for what it is: A fantastic performance and a great souveneer. Enjoy!

Note2: share this with your friends, do not make profit from this record, F*ck you, bootleg sellers ….

Note3: have a nice day mommy 😀