10 Replies to “6th May 2008 ,Ford Amphitheatre,Tampa mp3s”

  1. The show was outstanding…my wife and i missed the liars because traffic was horrendous getting to the venue. This is an excellent recording. Big thanks to whomever the taper is and big thanks to this AWESOME website. No more paying $25-$50 for bootleg radiohead cd’s on ebay. And yes I paid good money for some shows in the past. No More!

  2. My first Radiohead show. What a great one to see. Thanks for posting the show, it sounds fantastic!

  3. this is good quality.. i enjoyed this show i got kicked out around the encore for smoking but man now i can at least listen in full length the whole show without having to relive the security and cops bs.. anyways thank u

  4. This sounds like a great recording. Perhaps I’m daft, but is there no way to download these files? I was able to unzip older recordings on this site. I am unable to do so with these current recordings.

    P.S. This was my first Radiohead concert. Radiohead jouissance!

  5. This was my first radiohead show and i couldnt have had a better experience thanks for posting this so i can relive the show forever thanks

  6. It was my first Radiohead’s too, and i was really over the clouds , could not believe it . Im very glad i went

  7. Was one hell of a show, great recordings to. My first time and I guarantee it will not be my last !

  8. we were at tampa and west palm – we have no idea how to say thank you for this great recordings – i ve been using the site for sometime now and never wrote a line but this time you went too far – a copy of that night for us – and great quality !

    thanks thanks thanks !

  9. awesome show, everyone was tuned in and radiohead delivered a freaking knock out. thanks a million for posting this recording. VIVA FREE Tunes!

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