Due to lack of bandwith, I’ve just mirrored the show as they are a lot of people currently downloading it. Please be patient if the download is pointless, get a drink and relax ….

however you can still download it here

thanks again to travelinbeat who taped the show

01- Intro
02- All I Need
03- Jigsaw Falling Into Place
04- Lucky
05- 15 Step
06- Nude
07- Pyramid Song
08- Weird Fishes / Arpeggi
09- Myxomatosis
10- Idioteque
11- Faust Arp
12- Videotape
13- Paranoid Android
14- Just
15- Reckoner
16- Everything In Its Right Place
17- Bangers + Mash
18- Body Snatchers


19- Like Spinning Plates
20- Optimistic
21- Karma Police
22- Go Slowly
23- Planet Telex


24- Fake Plastic Trees
25- National Anthem
26- House of Cards

7 Replies to “RADIOHEAD 2008/05/11 – Nissan Pavilion – Washington DC, USA, mp3s, alternative links”

  1. I was there…It was wet and cold but truly AMAZING.

    So is there a way to download these into Itunes or burn on a disk? I was into bootleg copies when we are trading tapes of dead shows in college..have not caught on to the new digital age.

  2. i was also there… sooo good,

    selma, you should be able to right click and save each song one at a time, and then add all the files into itunes. that’s what i did.

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