01 Intro.mp3              2.6M
 02 Reckoner.mp3           8.7M
 03 Optimistic.mp3         8.0M
 04 There There.mp3        9.3M
 05 15 Step.mp3            7.7M
 06 All I Need.mp3         7.3M
 07 Pyramid Song.mp3       8.9M
 08 Weird Fishees_Arp..>   9.3M
 09 THe Gloaming.mp3       6.6M
 10 Videotape.mp3          8.1M
 11 Talk Show Host.mp3     9.1M
 12 Faust Arp.mp3          4.0M
 13 Tell Me Why (Neil..>   4.3M
 14 No Surprises.mp3       6.8M
 15 Jigsaw Falling In..>   7.3M
 16 The Bends.mp3          7.3M
 17 The National Anth..>   7.7M
 18 Nude.mp3               7.4M
 19 Bodysnatchers.mp3      7.1M
 20 (encore break).mp3     5.2M
 21 House of Cards.mp3     9.3M
 22 Planet Telex.mp3       8.6M
 23 Go Slowly.mp3          6.6M
 24 Fake Plastic Tree..>   8.2M
 25 True Love Waits I..>  12.6M
 26 (encore break 2).mp3   2.7M
 27 Cymbal Rush.mp3        8.8M
 28 Karma Police.mp3       7.5M
 29 Idioteque.mp3          7.8M


FLAC high quality of this show can be found here
tagged and mp3 conversion by imaginaryordinary

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