HP Pavilion (San Jose Arena / “The Shark Tank”)
San Jose, CA
April 11 2012

1. Neumann KM140s > Sound Devices MP2 > Edirol R09
Taper: Wilson66
2. Schoeps CCM4 > something > DAT
Taper: Hodon
3. Sweet sounds of orgy > Tascam 680
Taper: Hoserama

Mixed, Produced, and Mastered by Hoserama
Aligned in Adobe Audition
Mixed in Neundo 4, using extra waves, ozone, slate plug-ins
Flac’ed using Trader’s Little Helper
Mix Version 8


01 Intro
02 Bloom
03 15 Step
04 Morning Mr Magpie
05 Kid A
06 Staircase
07 The Gloaming
08 The National Anthem
09 The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy
10 Climbing Up The Walls
11 Karma Police
12 Identikit
13 Lotus Flower
14 There There
15 Feral
16 Little By Little
17 Reckoner
18 Encore
19 Separator
20 I Might Be Wrong
21 Myxomatosis
22 Everything In Its Right Place
23 Encore #2
24 Intro to The Daily Mail
25 The Daily Mail
26 Planet Telex
27 Idioteque




Fun fun show. Spent time mixing it all up, maybe not as dynamic of a recording as I would have liked, but take what you can get some times. Nothing amazing at soundcheck this go around, but overall still a very entertaining night.

Special thanks to Wilson66 and Hodon for their contributions!


Please don’t sell this recording in any way – no cash for blanks, 2:1s, or any other form of “getting paid for your time”. Just share it freely.

If you mp3 it up, please use the LAME encoder set at a high bitrate (256kps CBR or comparable variable bit rate).

Please do not attempt to remaster/remix this recording and spread it around. There is little to no point of trying to compete with the original processing. It just creates problems with conflicting effects and processing errors. If you need to re-eq it for your own listening pleasure, that’s fine, just don’t spread it around.

Also, please don’t torrent on other sites without at least dropping me a line and asking. I may want to just torrent it there myself. Please ask (and wait for permission!) before putting it in any matrix + video. If you ask nicely I will likely say yes.




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  1. I’ve literally put everything up for torrenting that you have shared recently, not just your Radiohead tapes either. You know why.

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