Thuesday October 16th 2012
Le Zenith – Strasbourg, France

strasbourg radiohead 2012
01 Intro
02 Lotus Flower
03 Bloom
04 15 Step
05 Kid A
06 Staircase
07 I Might Be Wrong
08 The Gloaming
09 Separator
10 Videotape
11 Nude
12 Ful Stop
13 Reckoner
14 Planet Telex
15 There There
16 Feral
17 Bodysnatchers
18 Encore Break
19 Give Up the Ghost
20 Exit Music (for a Film)
21 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
22 Morning Mr. Magpie
23 Street Spirit (Fade Out)
24 Encore Break
25 The National Anthem
26 Everything in Its Right Place (with Bjˆrk’s ‘Unravel’ intro)
27 Idioteque

Source: Neumann KM140’s > AETA PSP3 > Edirol R09HR

Oh and by the way this show had:
– Free Parking
– Drinks and Food for Cash
– Great Venue that was built for Music
– Venue without any stupid corporate name on it
– Very good and respectful audience!
– Great sound from Front to Back


TAPER : ALysha

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6 Replies to “Radiohead 2012-10-16 Strasbourg, France (Neumann KM140’s) FLAC”

  1. thank you for sharing this.
    I was there and it was fantastic!!
    Only it took me more than 1 hour to leave the parking lot….

    But great venue!

  2. Hi, could you please explain me how you procede to capture this sound?
    I mean how you could enter in the concert hall with all that stuff?
    Do you have a kind of microphone hat?
    I would be very interrested in knowing how you did it for a future recording….



  3. Hello, does someone has the 1997 strasbourg concert ? or a link I ‘m looking for this bootleg since a long time .thx so much !

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