Radiohead – 2012.11.13
Sydney Entertainment Centre – Sydney, NSW, AU

media type: FLAC
source: IEM > Sony PCM-D50 @24/48 > GoldWave – mono to stereo > CD Wave – tracking > Weiss Saracon – @16/44.1 FLAC
taper: auroboros (
trade status: can trade

25 tracks – 2:10:05

01. Lotus Flower
02. Airbag
03. Bloom
04. The Daily Mail
05. Myxomatosis
06. Bodysnatchers
07. The Gloaming
08. Seperator
09. How to Disappear Completely
10. Nude
11. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
12. Reckoner
13. There There
14. The National Anthem
15. Feral
16. Paranoid Android
17. Give Up the Ghost
18. Kid A
19. Identikit
20. I Might Be Wrong
21. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Encore 2:
22. 15 Step
23. True Love Waits
24. Everything in Its Right Place
Encore 3:
25. Idioteque

note from taper: Very amusing at times. Enjoy!


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11 Replies to “Radiohead – 2012.11.13 Sydney Entertainment Centre – Sydney, NSW, AU FLAC”

  1. Thanks for the upload. Where were you sitting / standing? What’s with the random voices during the songs? They are so clear.

  2. Are these recordings direct or post processed for levels?
    I recorded the melbourne gig on my zoom but on “low” gain the volume is a bit low, not sure how/if I should change it.

  3. Do people change the levels on these recordings post process?
    I recorded a melbourne show on my zoom but using the “low” gain and its a bit soft in volume.
    Not sure if/how I can fix it.

  4. Ok, I have no idea what happened to this recording, but it has, for want of a better description, random funny noises inserted into it. At the beginning of The Daily Mail, there’s a crying baby and a clown horn, while Separator has a rubbish fake guitar solo and some bizzare comments. Am I missing something?

  5. Really poor quality recording and absolutely no point uploading it, especially at FLAC rez.

    I was at the concert and was curious to hear it – downloading 1 gig of crap quality audio that is unlistenable it just a waste of the fans times.

    Quality control: upload a concert if it is a good recording, or else stream a short mp3 sample so fellow fans don’t go downloading all this bloated FLAC-rez bollocks

  6. I too found that there were some random noises in some of the tracks. Was this intentional? Thanks for the tracks nonetheless, just the immersion is not as deep.

  7. It would be brilliant if you could upload the FLAC file again, MINUS the post concert noises/sound effects. I was thrilled to see that someone taped this show (I was there), but when I listened to the FLAC was pretty disappointed. Why spoil a brilliant recording? Thanks, hope you’ll consider uploading the original recording soon.

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