Atoms For Peace
Rock in Roma
Ippodromo Capannelle
Rome, Italy
July 16, 2013


Hi everyone!
So this is a ‘mystery tape’. A fiend on waste_central passed on a link to an untracked 24 bit-48 kHz .Wav (~1.7GB) which as I understand briefly appeared on some message board in S. America – and then disappeared.
The name of the file was DR-100_0059.wav suggesting that it was recorded on Tascam DR-100; and indeed, as was confirmed by a Tascam user :), DR-100 or DR-2D would generate such a file. No info on the mics – it could be anything, but it sounds way too good to be recorded with internal mics. Well, who knowsÉ

Overall, I am quite impressed with the quality of this mystery recording, the balance of highs and lows, and un-intrusive audience. Nice capture of the equipment failure on Paperbag Writer :), followed by a long pause, followed by Thom being silly, followed by full Paperbag Writer from the start. Made it for the longest tape of the tour 😉 Also Thom messed up the lyrics on And It Rained All Night – well, not the first time, not the last. Sounds like Thom was in a great mood; his Italian sounds cute and he did some interesting vocal improvisation here and there.
The only issue with the tape (other than having no source info!) was that the overall volume dropped sharply during The Clock – as if the taper hid the mics (put a hat on??) or turned the levels down as they were dangerously close to clipping. So I passed the tape on to our Editor to work around thisÉ And down-sampling, and trackingÉ And here we are! Thanks go to Rey on waste_central who picked it up and passed it on to me and to BLG for editing!! And HUGE thanks to the taper – wherever you are!!!! Considering the link was found on some message board – I hope I am not doing anything wrong!

Tascam DR-100 (?) 24-48 > .flac > 16 bit, light editing > you

Editing: BLG — Smoothed out some volume fluctuations with Adobe Audition, no EQ or any other editing.


01. Intro / Before Your Very Eyes…
02. Default
03. The Clock
04. Ingenue
05. Stuck Together Pieces
06. Unless
07. And It Rained All Night
08. Harrowdown Hill
09. Dropped
10. Cymbal Rush
11. encore break
12. Skip Divided
13. Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses
14. Rabbit in Your Headlights
15. Paperbag Writer – cut – equipment problems break – Thom talking
16. Paperbag Writer
17. Amok
18. encore break
19. Atoms for Peace
20. Black Swan

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One of the best sound quality recording for this tour











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