New York City Hall Radiohead Ticket


Roseland Ballroom

New York City


I’m posting this because I was lucky enough to get a ticket and I’m sure a few people would like to hear it. It was not my best recording; lots of people crammed into a small space and partying hard tends to get a bit loud. I was located to the right of the soundboard toward the back of the floor. There is crowd noise including drunken sing alongs and discussions of the Boston Red Sox choking (Go Yankees). However there were also many moments that were just perfect. Codex really stands out as unbelievably beautiful. It is also worth noting that after the first encore the house lights came up and the “get out” music came on but nobody left – the place just roared until the band came back for a second encore.


Recorded with:

Edirol R-09 (24 bit 48k wav)

DPA 4061’s mics

Recording by spitback

Edirol .wav > HD > Edited with Audacity >.AIFF >(xACT)FLAC > You.


02-Little By Little


04-Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

05-Feral (Live concert debut)

06-Subterranean Homesick Alien (First performance since 2003)

07-All I Need

08-Everything In Its Right Place (with “The One I Love” intro)

09-Lotus Flower

10-15 Step


12-Codex (Live concert debut)

13-The Daily Mail



Encore 1

16-Give Up The Ghost

17-The National Anthem

18-Morning Mr Magpie

Encore 2


20-Street Spirit (Fade Out)



Original FLAC files  can be found here (torrent 1.24 GB)

UPDATE : FLAC 24 Bit / 48 Khz  here (direct download valid for 14 days) –  Mirror (courtesy of Giglinkdump) :Part 1Part 2

FLAC 16 Bit here (courtesy of  Giglinkdump )

Transcoded 256 Kbps mp3s can be found here  (multiuploaded  for your listening pleasure) –  mirror (courtesy of Giglinkdump)



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