Wednesday March 7, 2012
Frank Erwin Center
Austin, TX

Taper: prof_peabody
Location: near center, middle of the floor
Source: DPA4023 -> Aerco MP2 -> R-09HR
Transfer: USB -> Wavelab 5 edits (dither with UV22HR) -> CDWAVE -> FLAC

– Do not sell this live recording



Disc 1

01. <intro>
02. Bloom
03. Little by Little
04. The Daily Mail
05. Morning Mr Magpie
06. Myxomatosis
07. The Gloaming
08. Kid A
09. The National Anthem
10. Reckoner
11. Arpeggi
12. Nude
13. Identikit
Disc 2

01. Lotus Flower
02. There There
03. Feral
04. Idioteque
05. <encore break>
06. Separator
07. These are my Twisted Words
08. Bodysnatchers
09. Everything in Its Right Place
10. <encore break>
11. Give Up the Ghost
12. You and Whose Army?
13. Paranoid Android



8 Replies to “Radiohead Wednesday March 7, 2012 Frank Erwin Center Austin, TX FLAC”

  1. ..are you fucking stupid??? 4 one thing who the hell uses FLAC?? i like 2 listen 2 my radiohead shows in other places besides my computer..but the major issue is your sends me 2 a message that says i cannot download this file unless i uploaded it..WTF??

  2. Fileserve blocked any possibility of downloading files if you do not own them, it is the same for Wupload

    if you don’t want to download FLAC , just go somewhere else, we don’t need any troll here , you are in OUR house , so be polite or get outta there .

  3. Hi,
    Is it possible to reupload this performance anywhere else? This show looks great. 😉


  4. Hey so I totally missed the boat on finding the boot of this show… It was an amazing experience in my life, is there somewhere I can find this and relive the experience via mp3/flac?

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