July 25, 2012
Nangang Exhibition Hall
Taipei, Taiwan

Taper: Blair Shih
Location: floor, center, approximately 15 rows from the stage
Source: Tascam DR-05 (internal mics)
Lineage: wav 16/48 > Edit/EQ > wav 16/44 > flac
Edit/EQ: BLG

01 Intro
02 Lotus Flower
03 Bloom
04 15 Step
05 Lucky
06 Kid A
07 Morning Mr. Magpie
08 The Gloaming
09 Separator
10 Nude
11 Pyramid Song
12 Myxomatosis
13 Identikit
14 There There
15 Karma Police
16 Feral
17 Little by Little
18 Idioteque

19 Give Up the Ghost
20 House of Cards
21 Talk Show Host
22 The National Anthem
23 Planet Telex
24 Everything In Its Right Place
25 Reckoner

26 Exit Music

Total Time: 127:51

Notes: Edit/EQ done via Adobe Audition. The crowd noise is a bit overwhelming for the first few songs, but gets better starting with Kid A.

Uploader’s notes:
Of course, huge thanks to Blair for taping and sharing!! Also thanks to BLG for working up the files 🙂 Last but no least, MANY thanks go to Jessica W who ‘connected the dots’ and without whom this tape likely wouldn’t have reached us. Her stunning close-up stills from the show went a long way to make it all happen 🙂

please don’t share in lossy formats or sell!!




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  1. Hi,
    The links for this bootleg are not available now. Is it possible to re-upload them?

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